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"Thank you very much! Your service helped me a lot to polish my work. I have some skills for coding, but I´m slow and it takes too much time to slice & code myself. I will definitely come back again"

Mika Kirsi, Micarte Design

Reliable Website Maintenance Services

Businesses frequently ask about the term "regular updates" in website maintenance. It's an important question, and the answer varies among maintenance providers. Our program ensures your website's security and updates, offering valuable resources for your business through our maintenance services.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress maintenance services include updating the plugins, and themes, creating backups, optimizing SEO, enhancing performance, fixing bugs, and overall ensuring the smooth functioning of the website.

Website Content Updates

We prioritize content in website maintenance, analyzing and updating it as needed for relevance and effectiveness, ensuring your website remains valuable and engaging.

Site Speed Improvements

Slow-loading websites can lead to visitor loss, reduced conversions, and revenue. Our team specializes in optimizing website and page speed to enhance user experience and overall performance.

Site Updates and Repairs

For any website issues, whether small improvements or resolving compatibility problems, our team can quickly and effectively address your needs, ensuring your site runs smoothly.

SEO Errors & Updates

If your website struggles with SEO issues related to coding or images, our team can quickly and effectively uncover and remedy these problems to enhance your site's performance.

New Tools, API’s & Integrations

If you need to integrate new tools, functionalities, forms, or third-party tools like live chat to enhance your site, our team can seamlessly implement these updates for you.

We are a leading provider of website maintenance services

We are a top-rated website maintenance services company, renowned for ensuring quality and reliability. We offer the expertise and support that every business expects.


Top-Notch Website Maintenance Solutions Provider

We consistently ensure that our development team stays abreast of the latest tools, technologies, and updates in Design to HTML frontend conversion for website development. Our expertise spans various web technologies, assisting businesses in keeping their websites secure, bug-free, and operational. Our maintenance plans cater to sites of all sizes and industries, delivering the expertise and support every business needs.

A website maintenance plan is essential for various reasons:

  1. Security: Regular updates and security checks protect your site from vulnerabilities and potential threats.
  2. Performance: Ongoing maintenance ensures your website runs smoothly, loads quickly, and provides a positive user experience.
  3. Content Updates: Keeping your content fresh and relevant helps engage visitors and improves search engine rankings.
  4. Backup and Recovery: Regular backups safeguard your data, enabling quick recovery in case of data loss or system failures.
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Maintenance supports SEO efforts, helping your site rank higher in search engine results.
  6. Technology Updates: Keeping up with the latest technologies ensures compatibility with new devices and browsers.
  7. Customer Trust: A well-maintained website instills confidence in users, demonstrating your commitment to professionalism and reliability.

Website Maintenance Services to Boost Your Business:

Our goal is to facilitate your business growth, ensuring client satisfaction. Monthly website maintenance costs vary based on your site's size and type. For a custom quote, inquire with your business requirements.

  1. Regular updates for content, images, pages, links, news, blog etc
  2. Site Security Updates (HTTPS, PCI Compliance)
  3. Page Speed Optimization
  4. SEO Audits (404s, website errors, etc.)
  5. Website performance & functionality checkup
  6. WordPress maintenance services
  7. WordPress Plugin updates
  8. Mobile usability check
  9. Bug fixing & troubleshooting
  10. Cross browser compatibility check
  11. Website audit and broken link fixing
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WordPress Integration : Custom WordPress or Drag & Drop Website Builder

We specialize in integrating drag-and-drop page builders with WordPress, making us highly sought after in the market. We skillfully integrate, style, and customize popular WordPress plugins. All our themes are handcrafted, responsive, and SEO-optimized. Page builders significantly streamline the process of building and customizing a WordPress site. The main page builders we've worked with are:

  • icon-elementor

    Elementor Pro

  • icon-Divi Builder

    Divi Builder

  • icon-WPBakery


  • icon-Beaver Builder

    Beaver Builder

  • icon-oxygen-builder

    Oxygen Page Builder

  • icon-Gutenberg


  • icon-SeedProd Builder

    SeedProd Builder

  • icon-SiteOrigin Page Builder

    SiteOrigin Page Builder

  • icon-Brizy Builder

    Brizy Builder

  • icon-Thrive Architect

    Thrive Architect

  • icon-Genesis Pro Page Builder

    Genesis Pro

  • icon-MotoPress Content Editor


Extensive Hands-On Experience with Various CSS3 Frameworks

A CSS framework is a ready-made library speeding up website styling and layouts. It provides pre-written, reusable code for common design elements, ensuring consistent and fast implementation. Front-end developers use it for deploying responsive grids, styled forms, buttons, and essential UI elements, with expertise in various CSS3 frameworks. We've completed over a thousand projects using these CSS3 frameworks.

  • icon-bootstrap


  • icon-semantic ui

    Semantic UI

  • icon-Foundation


  • icon-Susy


  • icon-tailwind


  • icon-sass


  • icon-Bulma


  • icon-Materialize


  • icon-Primer


  • icon-purecss


  • icon-Spectre.css


  • icon-UIKit


Website Maintenance: Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard billing rate for development work is $20 per hour. We collaborate with your business to establish a pricing structure and maintenance plan aligned with your budget and website goals.

Regular website maintenance helps identify and address potential issues, optimizing your site's performance and addressing any shortcomings.

The time required for website updates depends on the complexity and scope of the changes. Simple updates may take a few hours, while larger changes could span several days or weeks.

If you're experiencing ranking issues or user-reported problems, it's essential to identify the main issues. Contact us to determine and fix these issues, ensuring your website runs smoothly.

Yes, we offer 3 months of complimentary maintenance for clients who opt for our HTML or WordPress conversion services. This period is valid from the date of the new website launch for three months.

Sure! Feel free to send your comments with updates, and we'll discuss and implement the desired changes on your site.

Absolutely! We specialize in optimizing slow websites to enhance user experience and prevent customer loss. Let us improve your site's speed and performance.

When providing a quote for website maintenance services, we specify the start date in the quotation. Typically, it takes 1 or 2 days, but in emergencies, we can start immediately during business hours.

Yes, we provide emergency maintenance services. Please be aware that emergency maintenance may incur additional charges.

Yes, we can provide a specialized e-commerce website maintenance package tailored to your specific needs.

The maintenance contract does not cover website redesign, digital marketing services, or web hosting-related services (unless hosting is provided by us).


Sketch to Code

Our process of turning Sketch designs into code, whether through direct methods or via Zeplin, guarantees top-notch quality.


PSD to Code

We started our HTML conversion journey with Photoshop, and our clients still use it. Feel free to reach out for a quote.


Any Design to Code

If you design the layouts in specific design software, then no problem. Please share the designs in any format.


Data Conversion

We don't just turn designs into code; we also handle data-related tasks, such as data entry, .doc to HTML and more.

  • Data Services
  • Weekly Updates
  • Website Changes
  • Product Uploads
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Free Estimation